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We aim to help you solve your problem. The most common topics are:

License Registration and Activation

Major Accounts
If you are an Autodesk Major Acccount, please use our Major Accounts Assistance form to request assistance. Your designated Premier Expert will review your request and send you a personal response soon.

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Autodesk Student Community
Product Registration and Activation
Service & Product Support
Technical Support 

Product Information & How to Buy

Autodesk products are sold worldwide primarily through Autodesk Value Added Resellers. Our resellers will recommend the right product for you. They will advise you on compatibility, prices, promotions and our Subscription scheme. They will also offer various training options and practical product demonstrations.

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Partner Center for Resellers
Developer Center for Developers

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Further Information about Autodesk
Further contact information for products, support and the company is also available.

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Free online support to get your Autodesk software up and running.

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Find technical how-to's and other product troubleshooting.