Autodesk Backdraft Conform


Autodesk® Backdraft® Conform software is a remote assistant utility for conforming and managing projects in an intuitive environment based on the Autodesk® Smoke® editing and finishing systems software user interface. With complete EDL management capabilities, as well as tools for managing media and clip libraries, Backdraft Conform allows you to offload conform and administrative tasks, freeing up your creative seats for revenue-generating work.

Backdraft Conform conveniently runs from a central workstation, allowing access to any Autodesk advanced system project within a facility. With Backdraft Conform operations running in parallel with the creative process—all without disrupting creative sessions in progress—this utility can help boost the productivity of any facility.

Remote Project Management

With Backdraft Conform, you can access, browse and edit all Autodesk advanced systems projects within your facility from a single application. You can conveniently create and edit project and user settings with Backdraft Conform, thus offloading administrative tasks from your creative talent, while policing naming conventions across your facility and reducing manual errors.

Remote Media Management

Backdraft Conform can save valuable time typically associated with media management, enabling editors and artists to focus on creativity and productivity. Working seamlessly in the background without disturbing the creative workflow, Backdraft Conform software performs media imports from peripheral devices such as VTRs, exports to archives and assists in suite preparation as it loads projects in advance of a session.

Editing and Conform

Using the same intuitive environment as Autodesk Smoke software, Backdraft Conform is an ideal assistant utility for conforming and basic editing tasks. Conform from EDLs, OMFs, AAFs and Apple® Final Cut Pro® XML files and automatically assemble the clips into any remote project library. New capabilities in Backdraft Conform 2009 enable conforming from Panasonic® P2 MXF as well as compressed QuickTime® files. Backdraft Conform can help boost the productivity of any facility and is built on top of Autodesk® Wire® technology to provide fast, transparent information access across any industry-standard TCP/IP network, including Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and InfiniBand® networks.