AutoCAD and DWG Interoperability

AutoCAD and DWG Interoperability

For more than 25 years, AutoCAD® software has been one of the world’s leading design and documentation solutions. And with true DWG™ file support, Inventor users can share critical design data securely, efficiently, and accurately.


Autodesk® Inventor® software makes it easy for AutoCAD users to experience the benefits of Digital Prototyping with reduced training time, AutoCAD compatible shortcuts, cursor-based prompts and command redo functionality. 

Highlights include:

  • Interoperability with AutoCAD Mechanical—Document and annotate drawings of Inventor components quickly with AutoCAD® Mechanical software. Change the design in Inventor, and the AutoCAD Mechanical drawing is updated automatically.
  • DWG Save—Store Inventor drawing views in a DWG file to view, plot and measure in AutoCAD with full visual fidelity, while preserving associative drawing updates.
  • Direct DWG Open—Open AutoCAD drawings directly in Inventor to view, plot, measure and incorporate existing 2D design data into 3D design workflows.
  • AutoCAD blocks—Generate AutoCAD blocks from Inventor drawing views to redesign subassemblies. Then, integrate the new drawing views directly into the original drawings.
  • Template synchronisation—Open a DWG file in Inventor and automatically create layers, dimensions, and text styles based on the AutoCAD styles in the DWG file. Synchronise templates to save time creating drawings that comply with customers' standards. 

Manufacturers who use Autodesk Inventor software possess world-leading 2D and 3D mechanical engineering software. All software bundles that have Inventor software also include the latest version of AutoCAD® Mechanical design software, so you can continue to take advantage of the AutoCAD built for you.


AutoCAD Integration and DWG Interoperability

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