License Compliance

License Compliance

Software Asset Management

In today’s digital economy, software is indispensable to every business, large and small. Thanks to software, your business is more efficient and your workers more productive and you can take advantage of all the benefits e-commerce offers.

But to get the most out of your investment in software, you have to manage it well, just as you would any other valuable company asset. Poor software management robs your company of the full value of the productivity and efficiency of the software. Poor software management can also easily mask software piracy, which is the installation or use of unauthorised copies of software. Different ways of working also create their own challenges. Staff mobility and working from home are growing sources of danger.

Software piracy is against the law and can have very costly consequences for your business. Use our Software Asset Management (SAM) Toolkit and other information to help your company comply.

Help with Autodesk software auditing
Software auditing is just about knowing which programs are installed on all your computers in your organisation (desktops and laptops). For help on performing an audit - click here

Report Piracy
Explore various ways to stop piracy and understand how Autodesk responds.

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