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Autodesk® Buzzsaw® Plays a Key Role in Mowlem’s £94 million Schools Project

Construction giant Mowlem has put Autodesk® Buzzsaw® online collaborative project management solution at the heart of a £94 million Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project to design and build six schools in Exeter for Devon County Council.  This move has helped ensure the schools are on track to be completed on time – and, in fact, the first school has opened early, five months ahead of schedule.


The PFI project involves the rebuilding of all the secondary schools in Exeter and one primary school.  All are new builds on, or adjacent to, the existing sites.  As Devon County Council is currently in the process of removing all middle schools, there is a real urgency to scheme.  All the new schools need to be ready on time to facilitate this change.


The Buzzsaw solution is being accessed by around 800 users with an average of over 4,000 log-ins per month.  Mowlem construction manager Bruce Badenoch says that this is because Buzzsaw is so easy to use.


 “A collaboration service only brings benefits if the entire team is able to use it. We chose Buzzsaw because it was the easiest to use and this decision has certainly paid off.  In fact, unusually for a building project, the first school was able to open early – and Buzzsaw played a part in this success.”


Buzzsaw stores drawings and other project documents securely on an online site that is easy to access at any time by all authorised team members.  All actions are logged, providing a complete audit of who has accessed what, and when.


Because of this, Buzzsaw gives the complete story of where the project stands at any given time; an aspect that helps create “an open project environment”, according to Badenoch.


Mowlem has added even further value to the service by adding customised workflow including Requests For Information (RFI) and Change Order (CO) forms.  Each of these processes has three or four stages and Autodesk has tailored the forms so that users can see at a glance the status of the RFI or CO.  Only one authorised person can sign these off – and Buzzsaw only allows this to happen if all the stages have been completed.


“Buzzsaw’s functionality combines to eliminate any confusion and speed the entire project.  This, together with a reduction in overheads through not having to print or courier drawings, makes the solution a very worthwhile investment,” says Badenoch.


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