Live Webinars

Join our live webinars for the latest thinking from across the architecture, engineering and construction industry. You’ll gain valuable insight into what’s happening in the industry and discover best practices that’ll help your business become more competitive.


Improving Stakeholder Communication using Autodesk’s Data Management solutions and BS1192

September 2nd

Effective communication with all involved parties in delivering a construction project can be challenging. In this session we’ll be showing how the Autodesk Data Management solutions can help in applying a BS1192 workflow to streamline this communication.


Pressure Drop Calculations in Revit MEP

September 16th

In this webinar we will take a deep dive into pipe sizing in Revit MEP, investigating the various methods available for calculating pressure drops and comparing their results.


Clash management for the entire ecosystem

September 23rd

This webinar will show how multiple trades in building and infrastructure can manage their clashes, and which is the right product for the right job. This will also show workflows for approval and reporting methods to various stakeholders and companies on a single project.


Railway Industry Overview

September 30th

The railway Industry is not only about rail track design, but about a lot more like buildings, parking, drainage and more.
In this high level webinar you will discover the variety of tasks and disciplines within the railway industry and how the Autodesk portfolio helps delivering better quality and increased efficiency for these different tasks and disciplines.
If you already have a good understanding of the railway industry, you will learn how the fast evolving technology can help improving existing processes.


Early concept design for architects

October 2nd

Early Concept Visualisation is an important aspect of any architects working on landscape and/or master planning projects. This webinar will go through a traditional masterplanning project workflow from creating land parcels using Autodesk Civil3D through to geolocating a Revit project in the real world and aggregate data into Autodesk Infraworks.


Effectively manage Revit design data using Autodesk Vault Professional

October 7th

In this session we will explore setting up a vault environment where the emphasis lies on integration with Revit. We will look at the different workflows within Revit (standalone, worksharing and Revit server) and how the design data is being stored within Autodesk Vault Professional.


BIM360, your new coordination and construction platform

October 21st

For many years construction has been done in the same way, with the same results, and those results aren’t always at the high standards of other industries like manufacturing. The BIM 360 platform helps address many of the fundamental problems with working with many different trades whilst balancing with tighter margins and a need for increased quality and speed. BIM 360 allows you to add value to a project beyond speed and quality, this webinar will show the differentiators you can give yourself.


Infraworks 360

October 28th

Autodesk® InfraWorks 360 allows users to communicate to a broader audience, including public and project stakeholders, in new ways with anytime and anywhere access. Professionals can also improve collaboration by sharing models centrally and more securely in the cloud. This webinar will go through all Autodesk Infraworks 360 functionalities which allow engineers and architects to streamline decision making and accelerate design processes.


From Early Concepts to Detailed Infrastructure Design

November 4th

Infraworks 360 with the roadway Design and Bridge Design modules brings a new way of thinking about and communicating multiple conceptual infrastructure Design options. In this webinar we will go through the process of creating a conceptual Infrastructure Design, then transfer the relevant data into the detailed infrastructure design solution and bring the detailed design back in Infraworks for visualisation purposes.