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Predict thermal performance of electronic products. Improve product reliability.

Learn how Autodesk’s Simulation software can help improve product reliability by accurately predicting electronic system and component thermal performance before building a physical prototype.

Thermal design effectiveness in electronic systems and components can determine the success or failure of your product. Inadequate heat removal can lead to reduced system life, excessive touch temperatures and component failure or loss of physical integrity.

So, how do you predict electronics performance and improve product reliability without incurring the significant costs or delays associated with physical prototypes?

In this informative 20-minute webinar, simulation expert and SIM Squad member Luke Mihelcic will share proven strategies to increase your design reliability and improve electronics performance. Jon Wilde will then share his tips on using Autodesk Simulation software to overcome challenges early in your design process.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Improve product reliability and performance
  • Determine the most effective designs for electronics heat dissipation
  • Reduce design verification cost and testing time
  • Increase product sales through faster time to market and best-in-class product performance

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