Autodesk Kynapse
Autodesk Kynapse 2012: Game artificial intelligence solution

Game Middleware that Puts the Brain in Your Game

Autodesk® Kynapse® game middleware is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) solution for game development and the creation of real-time simulations for non-player characters (NPCs). This high-performance game AI technology helps to simulate advanced dynamic 3D pathfinding, environment perception and large-crowd movement in complex terrains. It also enables simulation of spatial reasoning and team co-ordination and delivers efficient production tools that help to streamline game creation. Autodesk® Kynapse® 2012 middleware focuses on improving runtime performance and making advanced features easier to use.

  • Real-time 3D pathfinding – Production-proven algorithms for in-game characters to find their way around large 3D dynamic environments in an intelligent manner.
  • Path data generation – Automated tools help teams to evaluate their results and generate AI data for their levels without hand tagging.
  • 3D spatial awareness – In-game characters can position themselves intelligently in dynamic environments at runtime.
  • Team co-ordination – Characters in games with multiple characters can communicate with each other and make group decisions.
  • Extensive gaming platform support – Optimised for Sony PlayStation®3, Microsoft® Xbox 360®, Nintendo® Wii™ game consoles and PCs (Linux® and Windows® operating systems, 32- and 64-bit).

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