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Autodesk Beast 2012: Global illumination middleware for game lighting

Lighting the Next Generation of Games

Autodesk® Beast™ global illumination (GI) middleware is a set of tools for creating realistic lighting in games. Developers can simulate natural lighting effects, such as colour bounce, soft shadows, high dynamic range lighting and lighting of moving objects in real-time game environments. Beast helps to increase the aesthetic quality of games, resulting in more compelling game experiences. New in Autodesk® Beast™ 2012 middleware, the Beast API enables developers to integrate the eRnsT interactive lighting preview tool into custom game level editors.

  • Precomputed GI – Prebake lighting for platform and engine independence, resulting in greater flexibility and portability.
  • Aesthetic quality and efficient workflows – Affect the overall lighting of the scene without the bounce lights or ambient fills used to "fake" GI.
  • Robust API – Integrate Beast into your game engine with a simpler interface.
  • LiquidLight® baking technology – Make soft shadows, colour bleeding, spherical harmonics, ambient occlusion, high dynamic range, precomputed radiance transfer and other sophisticated GI effects possible.
  • eRnsT – Explore and control lighting with a real-time visualiser and stand-alone lighting editor.
  • DistriBeast – Distribute renders on multiple machines and iterate faster.
  • Integration with Unreal® Engine 3 – Get up and running easily with Beast.

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