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Keyboard ALT + g to toggle grid overlay

Asset Library

Access 3D content on your local computer and network in a single view, making all content instantly searchable.

After finding the perfect asset, you can decide how it works once added to the scene through Xref, merge or replace.

Download the Asset Library from the Autodesk Exchange.

  • Add local or network folders of asset locations to be indexed for fast searching.
  • Use file format Filters to display only the types of files you want to see.
  • Merge, Xref Scene or Replace content in your current 3ds Max session.
  • Import method for any non-3ds Max file type that is supported by 3ds Max.
  • Drag and drop images into viewports as environment backgrounds or onto objects as material diffuse maps.
  • Connected to Autodesk Seek.

Scene or

Download the Access Library from the Autodesk Exchange