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AutoCAD for electrical control design

View AutoCAD® Electrical videos and images of electrical control design and PLC design features. Increase design efficiency through integration with the familiar AutoCAD environment. Automate complex tasks associated with creating and editing accurate control diagrams for optimal electrical control systems.

Electrical controls design

  • Real-time coil and contact cross-referencing

    Keep track of parent/child contacts.

  • PLC I/O drawings from spreadsheets

    Define a project's I/O assignments.

  • Standards-based libraries

    Comply with manufacturer content libraries.

  • Catalogue Browser previews and inserts parts

    Enhanced preview and direct component insertion.

  • Edit parts in Catalogue Browser

    Edit parts and assign symbols to the catalogue.

  • Inventor parts integration

    Integrate with 3D electrical parts within Inventor.

  • New

    Interoperability with Autodesk Inventor

    Seamless mechatronics solution with Inventor.

  • New

    Combined BOM report with Inventor

    Generate combined BOM reports in linked projects.