Features for Fabrication CAMduct

Ductwork installation software for HVAC manufacturing

Fabrication CAMduct™ is ductwork installation and fabrication software that uses comprehensive libraries of 3D parametric fixtures and fittings and production management features to help you to meet manufacturing requirements and more efficiently produce sheet metal components.

Note: Fabrication CAMduct 2016 includes access to Fabrication CAMduct Components 2016, Fabrication Tracker 2016 and Fabrication RemoteEntry 2016. 

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  • New

    Revit integration


    Bring in Revit models with ITM content.

  • New


    The new API allows for custom development.

  • New

    Custom NC

    Create new post processors for shop equipment.

  • Shared content libraries and databases

    Streamline Revit, AutoCAD and manufacturing. (video: 1.11 min.)

  • Sheet metal component library

    Vast spec-driven parametric component database. (video: 58 sec.)

  • Simple graphical interface

    Intuitive interface supports easy job entry. (video: 58 sec.)

  • Sheet metal and linear nesting

    Advanced nesting improves material use. (video: 53 sec.)

    Cloud Services
  • NC writing and machine support

    Built-in and custom post processors for production. (video: 55 sec.)

  • Advanced job costing tools

    Gain a clearer understanding of job costs. (video: 1.09 min.)

  • Additional software

    Three added productivity tools.