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Improved software performance

Work more efficiently with faster software.

Experience significantly improved Revit performance with multiple behind-the-scenes optimisations and improvements to over 100 functions.

  • With Draw Visible Elements Only, Revit doesn't draw elements that are hid. This occlusion culling helps provide better navigation speed with more complex files and view. Progressive view updates and performance happen at the GPU level instead of at the CPU level, helping Revit take better advantage of available hardware to help improve performance and user productivity.
  • Revit processes colour fills in the background, improving software performance when updating colour schemes. Revit updates room, space, HVAC zone, duct and pipe colour fills using multiple CPUs, which alleviates model interaction delays associated with these computations.
  • Navigate models more smoothly and continuously without having to wait for the software to finish drawing elements at each step when you pan, zoom and orbit around a view. Speed navigation by interrupting the display of model elements as you move through the model.