Building design software for BIM and CAD

Building Design Suite is a portfolio of interoperable 3D building design software that supports BIM- and CAD-based workflows. Produce realistic 3D visualisations, use integrated simulation and analysis tools, create higher-quality construction documentation and make more informed design and construction decisions.

See what you can do

Video: Architects realize benefits of 3D building design software

Design better buildings with BIM. (video: 2.50 min.)

Design to your standards

  • Work more efficiently with tools designed for architects
  • Develop higher-quality, more accurate designs
  • Use both CAD- and BIM-based workflows

Visualise to improve collaboration, explore design options

  • Create visualisations to better present design intent
  • Use presentation tools to evaluate options in context
  • Gain greater downstream visibility earlier in the process

Make more informed design decisions

  • Create more efficient buildings with energy analysis tools
  • Gain better insight into constructability using 3D models
  • Help resolve conflicts before construction

Video: Contractors improve control over project outcomes

Improve control before and during construction. (video: 3.03 min.)

Visually explore project constructability

  • Determine project complexity and labour and materials scope
  • Aggregate data for whole project review
  • More effectively co-ordinate site and workflow planning

Improve cost reliability

  • Quickly generate material take-offs
  • Evaluate the cost of design alternatives
  • Maintain more accurate budgets

Better predict and communicate project outcomes

  • Simulate schedules and logistics in 4D
  • Quickly assess scope changes
  • Compare actual schedule to forecasts

Video: Structural engineers design and analyze structures with BIM

Design and analyse structures with BIM. (video: 2.36 min.)

Design more efficiently

  • Design with intelligent, information-rich models
  • Optimise outcomes by exploring design alternatives
  • Connect design intent with analysis and fabrication

Visualise to help inform your designs

  • More clearly communicate design intent
  • Perform more accurate simulation and analysis
  • Minimise waste and total embodied energy

Document with constructability in mind

  • Help resolve conflicts before construction
  • Share designs with detailers, fabricators and contractors
  • Document more accurately—from design to fabrication

Video: MEP engineers design and document with 3D building design software

Design and document building systems with BIM. (video: 3.02 min.)

Create better MEP systems

  • Design more accurately with intelligent models
  • Design complex building systems with greater efficiency
  • Facilitate co-ordination of designs using 3D models

Visualise to gain better project insight

  • Communicate ideas with integrated visualisation tools
  • Simulate early and often to better predict performance
  • Better predict project outcomes through visualisation

Design and build more accurately

  • Create more co-ordinated construction documents
  • Help resolve conflicts before construction
  • Deliver documentation, models and renderings

See what your company can do

Video: Business benefits of BIM

View overview video (2.38 min.)

Market your company as a BIM-ready firm

  • Compete more effectively
  • Use high-impact visuals to present your ideas
  • Expand services to help win more work

Improve efficiency and minimise costs

  • Provide teams with flexible tools for different needs
  • Exercise greater control over project costs and schedules
  • Promote creativity and management effectiveness

Standardise your toolset

  • Provide a consistent set of tools to help increase efficiency
  • Minimise IT costs by using a single suite*
  • Help streamline learning and use with a single toolset

*Design suites are licensed for installation and use of each component by one user to deliver additional workflow and functionality value. Each end-user must have an individual licence in order to use a design suite.

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