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Product Design Suite is a comprehensive 3D product design solution, including simulation, visualisation and collaboration tools. The suite includes AutoCAD, Inventor and Fusion 360. See all included software

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Re-use your engineering data

  • Associatively use 2D AutoCAD drawings as a base for Inventor layouts.
  • Use standard component libraries to quickly populate assemblies.
  • Use non-native data from virtually any system with AnyCAD technology.

Quickly and easily make product design changes

  • Capture design intent with parametric tools.
  • Use direct editing and surface modelling.
  • Update designs to reflect changes automatically.

Integrate electrical and mechanical design

  • Associatively connect your 3D design with AutoCAD Electrical.
  • Automate cable harness and printed circuit board (PCB) designs in the 3D environment.
  • Create 3D pipe and tube runs with intuitive controls.

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Easily and quickly model freeform shapes

  • Start with a basic shape such as a box, cylinder, sphere or plane.
  • Move points, edges and faces around to freely sculpt shapes.
  • Combine freeform, direct and parametric modelling techniques.

Precisely manipulate geometry

  • Add or remove points and edges.
  • Match edges to existing curves or geometry.
  • Bridge faces together and more.

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Explore your ideas in real time

  • Show photorealistic visualisations.
  • Exercise mechanism functionality in the sketch phase.
  • Perform range-of-motion studies using sketch geometry.

Create cinema-quality renderings

  • Presentations have life-like rendering.
  • Indirect and time-of-day lighting effects add realistic touches.
  • Automatic mechanism animations create movement and dynamism.

Collaborate using your engineering data

  • Conduct product design reviews remotely.
  • Aggregate models from a range of 3D design file formats.
  • Import and export data with widely used file formats.

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Reduce physical prototypes to save money

  • Evaluate mechanisms throughout range of motion.
  • Optimise designs for a range of input conditions.
  • Reduce over engineering of products.

Make sustainable and economical products

  • Explore alternative manufacturing processes to lower costs.
  • Optimise material selection for impact and cost.
  • Identify usage of hazardous materials.

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Get to market faster

  • Reduce re-work.
  • Re-use design data.
  • Improve collaboration.

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Improve new and existing product design quality.
  • Develop new and innovative designs.
  • Optimise product performance for the intended environment.

Reduce manufacturing costs

  • Create accurate design documentations.
  • Evaluate the manufacturability of products.
  • Reduce costs during product design.

Collaborate more effectively

  • Share 1 interoperable tool across disciplines.
  • Use combined expertise to create more competitive products.

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