Add a seat to your subscription

If you purchased a subscription directly from Autodesk, it’s easy for you to add seats any time from your Autodesk Account. We’ll match the end dates to your subscription and prorate the cost.

Benefits of adding seats directly

  • Gain flexibility

    Add seats to your subscription any time you need them via self-service in your Autodesk Account.

  • Align to one renewal date

    Make your renewals predictable and co-ordinated by aligning all seats to a single renewal date.

  • Enjoy prorated pricing

    Optimise your costs by adding seats only when you need them, at any point during your subscription term.

How to add a seat to your subscription

If you purchased your subscription directly from Autodesk, you can easily and securely add seats any time, right from your Autodesk Account*. Show me how

  • Step 1: Sign in to your Autodesk Account

    Go to Billing and Orders > Subscriptions and select a product to display your subscription details.

  • Step 2: Add as many seats as you need

    Select Add seats and indicate how many new seats you’d like to purchase.

  • Step 3: Review and check out

    Select Continue to review and submit your order.

*Note: This feature is available only for products purchased directly via the Autodesk website in the U.S., Canada, or Europe.

Frequently asked questions about about adding a seat

Not all subscriptions will allow you to add a seat directly from your Autodesk Account. If you purchased prior to 2016 or outside the US, Canada or Europe, you may not be eligible to purchase seats directly from your Autodesk Account. To check, please follow the steps above to see if the “Add a seat” option is present.

The number of seats on your subscription should match the number of users you want to assign to those seats. You can optimise seat assignments with seat usage reporting, which allows administrators to monitor which users have activated their assigned products and their frequency of use.

This feature is not available in all regions. If the Add seats option doesn’t appear in your Autodesk Account, your subscription may not be eligible for self-service seat management.

Yes, you can add seats to your eligible subscription at any time. Proration is based on the time left on your existing subscription. All seats will renew at the next subscription renewal date.

All seats will remain in full effect until the next renewal term, at which time they will expire if you do not renew. You cannot remove a seat prior to its expiry.

You can access technical support in a way that works best for you – choose phone, online chat, email or remote desktop assistance to resolve your issues. See all your support options.

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