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A structured document control process helps construction project teams coordinate better; resolve issues faster; and deliver projects with fewer delays, lower costs and less rework.

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Document control Benefits of using BIM 360 for document control

Keep your team on-track with consistent access to the latest construction drawings, documents and models with a structured approval process, tight permission controls and activity tracking.

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Control access

Tightly control document access with permissioning and approval workflows.

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Manage changes

Review and comment on drawings and models with markups and issue creation.

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Version control

Version history and document sets ensure team members access the right information.

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Document control workflow Keep the right information in the right hands by managing document control in BIM 360

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Key features Maintain control over information with features to standardise the sharing of construction documents

BIM 360 supports document control workflows with features to support controlled sharing of project plans, models and other files.

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