Features Budget Control

Help construction project teams control cost and confirm all changes are accounted for and managed effectively to maintain positive cash flow, reduce risk and maximise profit.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and Customisable
  • Connected and Automated 
  • Collaborative and Secure
  • Visualise Cost-Related Risk

Flexible Budget Structures

Custom budget structures that work with any accounting system and work breakdown structures. With no restrictions, slice and dice the budget view and automate Main/Prime contract set up.


Custom Attributes

View detailed information behind cost activity with the details flyout panel. Customize a portion of the details flyout panel with the custom attributes feature.

Document Templates

Manage custom document templates for contracts, payment applications, and change orders that populate directly from the system, standardizing documentation for distribution.

Contract Generator and Contracts

Streamline the contract creation process and compile appendices from multiple locations into a single package with the contract generator. Create, edit, and view contracts in the details flyout panel.

Tracking Actual Costs

Streamline the management of expenses, associate expenses to Budget Payment Applications, and utilize actual cost data for more accurate forecasting.

Permission Control

Permission levels ensure only the right people have access to view and edit specific cost information. Set specific permission levels for Owners and Suppliers to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration.


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