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A well-coordinated project can result in many millions of dollars saved and a project that stays on schedule. But traditional coordination processes can be costly and time-consuming. Put BIM coordination and collaboration into the hands of the entire project team to accelerate reviews and identify and resolve clashes earlier.

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The Benefits of Coordination Software Better Coordination for Better Outcomes

Keep the whole project team in sync, and get more constructable models earlier, by involving all project stakeholders in coordination and BIM collaboration processes.


Real-time Clash Detection

Bottlenecks can occur when clash detection is handled by an individual. Put clash detection in the hands of the entire project team to resolve clashes quicker.

Deliver More Constructable Models

Give every design and trade partner the opportunity to see and coordinate the impact of their changes as they make them, leading to more constructable models the first time.

Simplify BIM Coordination

Simplify BIM coordination by ensuring each project participant can view multi-discipline models, all from one platform.

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