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Revit Cloud Worksharing with BIM 360 brings powerful, collaborative Revit workflows to the cloud. Enable your teams to co-author Revit models in real time, staying up-to-date with the latest approved work. Use the best talent for the job, no matter where they are located.

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Revit Cloud Worksharing Benefits of using BIM 360 for Revit Cloud Worksharing

Co-author Revit models in real time with anyone, from anywhere. Leverage distributed teams to maximise the workday and keep designs moving round the clock.

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Anytime, anywhere access

Co-author Revit models in real time with other Revit users anytime, from anywhere

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Stay connected

Sync with the central model in the cloud to save ongoing work

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Flexible publishing options

Publish selected views and sheets or the entire cloud model for extended collaborators to review and use

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Revit Cloud Worksharing Workflow See how BIM 360 supports Revit Cloud Worksharing for your teams

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Key Features BIM 360 Design enables Revit Cloud Worksharing workflows

Access core capabilities for real-time co-authoring/cloud worksharing, syncing with central and publishing work for extended review.

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