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Collaborate on Revit models anytime, anywhere

Here's what you can do with BIM 360 Design:

  • Co-author Revit models with internal and external teams, on the BIM 360 platform.
  • Manage project data centrally, controlling permissions at user, role, folder-level and more
  • Perform faster work-sharing in Revit, scaling subscriptions up or down as needed
  • Curate and exchange deliverables, while tracking design progress in a project timeline
  • Visualise changes on single artifacts, 2D sheets, aggregated models, and more in your browser
  • Assign and manage issues for speedy resolution, comment and markup on web & mobile,
    ...and more!

Important Notice: Please read before signing up

Are you already a Collaboration for Revit subscriber? If yes, then you don't need a trial of BIM 360 Design. Access to BIM 360 Design is included in your subscription!

You’ll need Revit 2018.3 or later versions to use BIM 360 Design. You can subscribe to Revit here. There is no BIM 360 Design trial experience for older versions of Revit.

The best way to use the BIM 360 Design trial is for an admin (like a BIM manager) to sign up for the trial, set up your firm’s account, then add users from admin modules.

If you have a paid subscription of BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Glue, BIM 360 Build, and/or BIM 360 Design, your free BIM 360 Design trial account will NOT connect to existing paid hubs/sites of these products.

Read the FAQs and Getting Started Guide to get started.

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