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Expert picks: Online resources for CAD software management.

Sifting through the online resources available to CAD managers can be a daunting task. To help, we reached out to a half-dozen CAD management experts to find out which tried-and-true online resources they use to help keep their teams running at top speed. Here are their top picks:

Time-saving tools and utilities

Noted CAD management expert Robert Green has collected and shared worksheets, calculators, and utilities that are incredibly handy for documenting CAD management duties.


SSMPropEditor lets you edit properties on multiple sheets belonging to AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager (SSM). One of our CAD management advisors told us SMMPropEditor helped to “cut about 2 man-weeks of work down to 15 minutes.”


ReNamer is a file renaming program that lets you combine multiple renaming actions, which can be saved, edited, and re-loaded, across different folders—or even different computers.


WinMerge is a folders and files comparison utility that makes it easy to determine what has changed between project versions.


Agent Ransack, an alternative file search engine is a preferred option for searching through LISP source code as it reads within files.


This application is popular for cleaning up AutoCAD-generated .DST files from the Recent Documents list. The application—and a discussion of its benefits—can be found on the Autodesk forums.

AutoLISP programming support

Unique, well-written, and useful AutoLISP routines recommended by our CAD management experts are available here.


Access ready-to-go AutoLISP programs and files, plus links to get expert help—often free—for creating new AutoLISP programs


These two easy-to-follow AutoLISP introductory tutorials on the basics of AutoLISP programming can quickly set your teams up to program their own custom LISP routines

Driver downloads

If you’re like most CAD managers, you frequently need the updated certified graphics drivers. Intel, AMD and NVidia have all set up easy-to-navigate driver download pages to keep your drivers up to date.





Resources for getting—and keeping—Autodesk software installed and current

Installation, activation, licensing resources for Autodesk products


AutoCAD downloads/updates


Revit products downloads/updates


Inventor products downloads/updates

AutoCAD commands, by release

Need to find out when an AutoCAD command was added or modified?


Want even more details on AutoCAD through the years? See Shaan Hurley’s release history page.

Forums and Training

When you have detailed, specific inquiries, the AUGI and Autodesk forums are favorites for their informed, responsive communities. Should a solution not be found, you can raise your own “ticket”.

AUGI forums:


Autodesk forums:


Looking for training opportunities in your area? The Autodesk Global Events search page finds Autodesk and partner-sponsored events by Industry, Event Type, Product, and Location.

“How-to” advice and insights from Cadalyst

For many of the CAD management experts we talked to, Cadalyst was their “go to” site for up-to-date and relevant CAD management.


This twice-monthly Cadalyst e-mail newsletter focuses on CAD management and implementation advice and strategies.


CAD managers take advantage of dozens of these tips, tools, and resources that are updated weekly


The CAD Manager’s Toolbox provides practical guidance to help you build a better practice

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