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The CAD All-Stars: Justifying a CAD Manager position

Worried that CAD Management is seen as overhead in your company? If you’re concerned that your contributions are being overlooked or downplayed, the CAD All-Stars took some time during our AU Las Vegas 2016 experts roundtable discussion to talk about how they’ve made their CAD Manager positions essential.

Robert Green – Contributing Editor to Cadalyst Magazine; AUGI Treasurer

I really get to know project managers. If I can make them understand that the reason their project is running well is because standards are well designed, well implemented, and well trained, then CAD management becomes project execution. It’s not overhead, and it’s not viewed as general support. It’s not like keeping the photocopier running—it’s an integral part of making the jobs run. A question I get a lot is, “Why isn’t CAD management billable?” I say, “Well, why should it not be?” Because if you’re not doing that work the project’s not going out.

Curt Moreno – Contributing Editor to Cadalyst Magazine; AUGI Director

[Opposition to making the position billable] comes from a place of feeling that the CAD Manager is 100% removed from production, which I think should not be the case. I think a CAD Manager should be a practitioner. In order to make this work, I believe that a 60-40 split needs to go in, where the heavier side is on CAD management because those tasks do take more time. But I don’t think a CAD manager should be completely unbillable in any sense.

R.K. McSwain – Contributing Editor to Cadalyst Magazine

If I work on a project, I’m definitely going to charge for it.

Kate Morrical – AUGI President

If you can say to your boss “I spent 4 hours on this. If it had been set up properly, it would have taken me 30 minutes,” that’s the kind of information that will earn you that time. And, even better, next time it works, go back to them and say, “Hey, look what I just did in 30 minutes. A year ago it would have taken me six hours.” Don’t let your successes go.

Get even more insights from the experts when you listen to the session recording, or visit one of our Autodesk University celebrations around the world!

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