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The Cost of a Fragmented Industry

This fragmentation of data has a huge and direct impact on the project outcomes across all levels of the organisation:

  • Teams are disconnected and working from outdated information, leading to wasted time and security issues
  • On the Project Level, the disconnection between the office and the field accounts for massive avoidable rework, impacting project cost, quality, delivery time and profitability
  • There's a massive impact at the business level also - unused and lost project data is hugely reducing potential opportunities such as portfolio visibility

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Challenges in Construction today...

We hear our customers talk about their day to day challenges

  • Deloitte, globally found earnings before interest and tax on construction activities is just 5.5%
  • McKinsey & Company found that 98% of megaprojects experience delays
  • FMI found that over 95% of all data in engineering and construction goes unused
  • AGC reported that 80% construction companies cannot find the workers they needed
  • FMI found that only 18% of firms reported consistently using mobile apps to access project data
  • KPMG found that 78% of engineering and construction companies believe that project risks are increasing

Overcoming the Challenges

Here we explore 6 themes to overcome the challenges in construction...

  • Increased collaboration - with increased collaboration, the phasing of work between trades can be better planned, leading to fewer delays
  • Single source of truth - A study with PlanGrid and FMI found that rework caused by poor project data costs the industry $280B annually,  By working off of one, single source to truth, teams can reduce errors
  • Connected 2D & 3D - teams arm teams with both 2D plans and 3D models so they can better understand how components are installed and identify potential clashes before they hit the field
  • Improved data accuracy - Teams can better plan and forecast their projects.
  • Standardization - By standardizing on one platform, teams are able to function more efficiently.
  • Digitization - by by digitizing many of the processes, the gaps between distributed teams can be drastically closed.

Autodesk Build delivers a broad, deep and connected set of field execution and project management tools for builders in a single software platform that is easy to deploy, adopt and use. Build provides an environment where information sharing and workflows are both tightly-controlled and highly-configurable.

Customer stories

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  • Kirby Group

    Connected Construction supports business growth for Kirby Group Engineering

The construction industry urges for more connection - from people to data - and technology plays a key role within this opportunity. VIEW MORE

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