Pressure Drop Calculations in Revit MEP

Get the benefits of 3D visualisation in the construction field with Leica Geosystems and Autodesk

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What if you could bring 3D models to life on the construction site with advanced robotic measurement? This is the dream that has brought together Autodesk and Leica, creating an alliance of the industry leader in measurement technologies and the industry leader of CAD & BIM software. Find out how we’ve combined our expertise to revolutionise your workflow:

Gain accuracy and efficiency in digital construction layout

Join us as we explore a simple workflow with Leica iCON 50 and Autodesk BIM360, and how this can enable construction layout and instant verification direct from the model. Discover how this managed, digital workflow from office to site and back again could benefit your construction firm.

The benefits of laser scanning, processing and validating 3D models

What could laser scanning do for the building construction industry? Learn how Powerful 3D data sets from the Leica P16 can be used to create as-built 3D models within Autodesk software, allowing you to validate 3D model data and improve your accuracy and efficiency onsite.


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