Altimeter Independent Global Research Report Series

Building a Culture of Business Model Innovation: Five Lessons From a Year of Upheaval

Report #3: Disruption is a Fact of Life

This third and final report offers expert advice from global scholars and business leaders about how to build stronger and more innovative businesses, even during disruptive times. It includes lessons learned during the past year, implications for business model innovation, and recommendations to aid leaders in reimagining their business strategy for growth during disruptive times and beyond.  

Read on and find out: 

  • What leaders have learned during the pandemic that is informing their business strategies  
  • How the pandemic has affected business models in architecture, construction, design and manufacturing, and what opportunities exist to foster resilience and growth in these industries 
  • Five pragmatic recommendations to help leaders jump-start their strategic planning efforts 

Report #2: The Workplace is Digital—People Aren’t

This second report sponsored by Autodesk for leaders in the series of insights about Strategies for Business Growth in the Next Normal looks at the impact of the acceleration of distributed work on customers, employees, and organizations. It includes insights on the human and structural effects of these shifts as well as strategies to enable leaders to navigate digital business, empower people, and build strong and resilient ecosystems. 

Read on and find out how: 

  • Digital and distributed ways of working are changing customer and employee expectations 
  • Organizations are building resilience for the long term 
  • Organizational communication dynamics are shifting, requiring changes in leadership style 

Report #1: Strategies for Growth in the Reimagined Workplace

The workplace is no longer a fixed location; its role is to support value creation. 

This report is sponsored for leaders by Autodesk and written by senior tech industry analyst and TED talker Susan Etlinger. It examines the key shifts we are seeing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and other macroeconomic, industry, design, and technology trends; explores the role of the distributed workplace as an engine for growth; and includes insights from leaders across a range of industries and disciplines.

Read on and find out how:

  • COVID-19 didn’t create the distributed workplace—it accelerated it
  • This is an opportunity to reimagine the workplace as a dynamic engine for value creation rather than as a static place to house employees
  • Leaders need to pay attention to the social/cultural impacts of distributed work and find ways to promote cohesion and trust
  • And leaders need to clearly understand and support the activities that drive value within the company and foster those in the workplace

60-Second Insight

Senior tech industry analyst, TEDTM speaker and report series author Susan Etlinger discusses the new role of the distributed workplace as an engine for growth.

Meet the Author

Susan Etlinger is a globally recognized expert in digital strategy, with a focus on artificial intelligence, technology ethics, and data. In addition to her work at Altimeter, Susan is a senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, an independent, non-partisan think tank based in Canada, and a member of the United States Department of State Speaker Program. In 2019, Susan was named one of 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics by Lighthouse3, a strategic research consultancy focused on AI. Her TED talk, “What Do We Do With All This Big Data?” has been translated into 25 languages and has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.