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Be more productive as a connected team

Connect teams, processes, and data with the help of a shared data environment. Co-author in real time, improve cross-team coordination, and streamline data exchange—so everyone’s on the same page and working efficiently.

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See impact in greater detail

Building in an environmentally-conscious way is more pressing than ever. Our software can help you visualize the impact of different design decisions in real time and understand them more clearly. With renovation projects becoming increasingly relevant, this capability is hugely valuable.

A city skyline at night with the buildings all lit up. Some of the building lights are shown drifting into the night sky.

Connect the right details to the right people

Unified workflows across the whole AECO industry allows data to flow fluidly. By building the foundation for AI-augmented processes such as generative design, you can make informed decisions and improve performance.

An internal view of an empty warehouse with detailed lines representing the analysis of the interior structure

Enhance design quality with BIM

Explore ideas using modeling tools that help you examine your designs in the highest level of detail possible. From daylight to airflow analysis, our Building Information Modeling (BIM) suite opens the door to more innovative and effective design outcomes.

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