BIM for Construction

BIM and its processes has the potential to transform the construction industry. Through BIM, the industry should improve efficiency, performance and sustainability whilst reducing cost and waste.

This treasure chest of papers helps you learn more about BIM and how you can get started with your own BIM pilot project today.


5 BIM Facts

To help you win construction projects




Is Construction Facing an Age of Extinction?

What will the UK BIM Mandate mean to you and your business? What does BIM for Construction look like?




Ready to get started ?

The BIM Pilot Deployment Workbook is a step-by-step guide to launching a Construction BIM pilot.




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The UK will be the largest construction market in Europe by 2030

What are the growth prospects for the UK Construction market? What will drive the market, what could hold it back, and how can you position your company to be part of the growth story? Download your free copy of the Construction 2030 Report to see the latest forecasts for the UK industry, and how you can position your construction firm for growth.