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Autodesk® Collaboration for Revit®

Cloud service that works with Revit to enable multi-user co-authoring of BIM models

  • Multi-user cloud worksharing Revit
  • Communicate in real-time in the model
  • No IT hardware required
  • Sync to BIM 360 Team

Autodesk® BIM 360™ Team

Cloud-based platform for design collaboration that provides centralised team access to project data

  • 500 GB cloud storage per user
  • View, comment, and markup features
  • Keep track of version history
  • Web and Mobile access to BIM models

Connect Revit project teams in the cloud

BIM collaboration software allows you to increase communication, centralise efforts of distributed teams and extend BIM data access to your entire team. With the BIM collaboration software platform, there's no need to co-locate your Revit project teams or to create costly and complicated IT work-arounds to share models, solicit feedback and track the design process. Now you can meet securely in the cloud with Autodesk Collaboration for Revit + BIM 360 Team. Connect your building project teams with centralised access to BIM project data. With Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team, your models ARE your workspace.

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Collaboration for Revit + BIM 360 Team Video Resource Centre

Get free access to over 45 minutes of video content from our technical experts, broken down into key modules on Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team. Discover the features of these new subscriptions, and learn how Revit project teams in locations across the world can work together in shared models in the cloud.

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Connect the entire team

Add seats of BIM 360 Team to your Collaboration for Revit subscription to extend viewing, commenting, and mark-up capabilities to the whole project team, even non-Revit users.  Share and view models instantly from anywhere and from any device plus review designs together in real-time with Live Review!