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With safety at stake, best practices for product development are key for automotive suppliers. Collaborate efficiently and accurately with cloud-based Autodesk PDM and PLM.

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Automotive supply chain solutions

A relentless series of unprecedented supply chain challenges is currently driving volatility and complexity for automotive suppliers’ processes. In this report, Ultima Media – a global research and news organisation for the automotive industry – looks at how software can enhance supply chain resilience.

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Add agility and flexibility to your entire product development process

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  • Speed up design and development

    Save time and remove collaboration barriers regardless of
    file type with multi-CAD integrated data management.

  • Make earlier, more productive decisions

    Early cross-functional collaboration ensures the right teams receive feedback in real time – reducing waste change costs and launch delays.

  • Improve team productivity

    With a central source of data, no matter which CAD system it comes from, stakeholders can break through silos and get on the same page.

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Collaborate without restrictions

Manufacturers often juggle multiple CAD systems as they drive from concept to delivery –  opening their process to confusion, data loss and delays. Autodesk PLM unlocks access to data with multi-CAD integration so you can collaborate seamlessly focus on innovation and get products to market faster.

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What customers are saying about Autodesk PLM

“Upchain [Autodesk PLM] allows us to design more seamlessly and efficiently in cross-functional teams. These new shifts in work processes are allowing us to be more agile and adaptable, which results in a better end product.”
– Sasha Dmytryk, Mechanical Design Engineer, Charge Cars

See how people are using Autodesk PLM


    A central source of organised data

    VACCO keeps data and processes in order while creating specialty valves filters and fluid-control products for the space and defence markets.

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    Improving operational efficiency

    After numerous acquisitions which introduced new systems and processes, Mesa Labs uses PLM to manage documents and change order control efficiently.

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    Better control of an extensive product range

    Quality managers and engineers at Spirax Sarco collaborate easily with a single, common system across global operations at ten manufacturing sites.

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Work with anyone with Autodesk PLM

Talk to your sales team and see how easy it is to get started with configurable, out-of-the-box workflows and CAD-agnostic integrations in Autodesk PLM.

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