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A video just for cosworth

In this video Mohamed and Eugen, who form part of your account team at Autodesk, explain why they are reaching out to you and the topics they believe can add value to Cosworth from initial research they have conducted.  Areas covered include:-

  1. Increase automation to become more flexible and adapt quicker to changing market needs.
  2. Drive Innovation to differentiate your products from the competition and address product obsolescence.
  3. Optimize operations with an excellent data and process management approach.

Let's discuss...

Based on initial research of your annual reports, the automotive industry and your website, we would welcome a conversation with you to discuss these 3 topics...

Increase Automation

Autodesk believes increasing automation from concept design through to manufactured part will help Cosworth address the shortage of skilled manufacturing workforce, as well as increase productivity to handle more projects and drive profitability.

Drive Innovation

To mitigate product obsolescence in the fast-paced automotive industry, as well as enable Cosworth to adapt & diversify amidst major drivers like sustainability, light-weighting, electrification and supply chain disruption, we recommend leveraging technology to drive innovation.

Optimise Operations

Through easy-to-implement and easily-configurable Product Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management, Cosworth will be able to minimise tasks spent on non-value-add activities and drive heightened collaboration.

  • Autodesk Automotive Solutions

    The shift towards alternative power sources is driving the automotive industry to develop new components and new ways of making them.

    These drivers are impacting upon the supply chain, methods of working, materials, and manufacturing technology.

    Chief among these influencing factors will be electrification; sustainability; light weighting; and mass customization, all of which are examined in more detail in the following link.

    Learn more about our Automotive Solutions

Accelerating Transformation in Automotive

For automotive and transportation manufacturers, contemporary challenges – reducing environmental impact, supply chain disruption, evolving customer demands – require digital solutions. That's why:

  • 98% of leading manufacturers have a smart factory initiative of some form underway.
  • 94% of manufacturers in the transportation industry expect to expand their 3D printing capabilities.
  • 62% of companies have a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

We've commissioned a study of the Automotive industry and have generated some insightful facts which we're sure will interest you. Click the button below to view the infographic.

We are committed to sustainability and work strategically with customers towards specific UNSDGs. Click here to learn more

How we've helped others

Below are a selection of stories about how we've helped other customers in these 3 areas.

  • Increase Automation

    Eccles Tooling Systems used Autodesk's Advanced Manufacturing Solutions to maintain high quality during their high-growth phase, as well as provide an additional service to customers through on-site inspection.

  • Drive Innovation

    Honda R&D set out to design a crankshaft 30% lighter than current models. By applying AI to the concept design, they were able to explore design iterations that they "had not even considered" to achieve a weight reduction of 50%.

  • Optimise Operations

    Hosokawa Micron was facing the challenges of document control and change management. They now rely on Autodesk Data and Lifecycle Management solutions to create an optimum design and manufacturing process.

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As you can see, Cosworth is an important customer at Autodesk and we are keen to help you drive improvements across the business.

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