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Struggling to evaluate and monitor your project performance and issues? Gain better insights using BIM & GIS cloud collaboration to better invest in, plan, operate and manage your asset portfolio.

Get better insights with BIM & GIS cloud collaboration

When you’re responsible for billions of dollars in assets, you need accessible, comprehensive data to make informed decisions. Download our eBook to discover what BIM & GIS cloud collaboration can do for your project workflows and asset performance.

All your data. One dashboard.

What if you could easily design, deliver and manage every project with its specific location in mind? Watch this short video to learn how to put your BIM data into geospatial context by connecting ArcGIS GeoBIM and BIM Collaborate Pro. 

Take charge of your data

How you manage and derive insights from project data impacts your ability to mitigate risk, detect clashes, and improve operations. Centralized data can improve project transparency, collaboration across project teams, quality and compliance, and handover to operations.

How operators and project teams address project complexity

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  • Visualizing BIM & GIS data for airports

    See how HNTB uses digital twin to initiate a model-first design, as well as BIM & GIS cloud collaboration to visualize and support location-based intelligence and operations.

  • An open data exchange

    Learn how VolkerWessels saw exchanging data through open formats as a key way to eliminate data silos across disciplines and successfully complete the Zwolle-Herfte railway expansion project, one of the biggest junctions of the Netherlands.

  • Digitizing town planning

    See how the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg are digitizing their natural and built environment to facilitate feasibility studies and redevelopment projects and provide better context to decision-makers and the public.

  • Standardizing processes at scale

    Find out how Hera Group, a multi-utility company, streamlined technical and management processes across 400 projects, a team of 200 professionals and a myriad of disciplines – including mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, design and construction.

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