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3D Animation - Maya

In this comprehensive online video tutorial you will learn how to use Autodesk Maya software for 3D animation design with your pupils.

The full programme meets the requirements of the Autodesk Maya ACU (Autodesk Certified User) Certification through the “Expressions” project classroom resources (see Curriculum Tab) making your pupils prepared for sitting the Certification exam and helping to promote their skills to potential employers.

What you will learn

  • Basic sketching with different tools;
  • Create the character with sketching tools;
  • Set up facial expressions with blend shape deformers;
  • Build up animations and animation paths and keyframe it;
  • Use, keyframe, and sequence the camera;
  • Add visual effect with light and material shading.

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Basic creating ― Sketching and modelling techniques

We will learn about a range of sketching and modelling techniques available in Autodesk Maya. The videos will illustrate the following: using NURBS curves to create 2D and 3D sketching and using polygon primitives to construct 3D shapes.

Basic creating - 2D sketching
Video (11:22 min) | Download dataset

Basic creating - 3D sketching
Video (14:01 min) | Download dataset

Polygon models


Basic creating - Polygon models
Video (17:16min) | Download dataset


Character creation — using polygon modelling tools

In this session we are going to look at how we can use some of polygon modelling tools, plus further mesh editing tools to create body, eye, eye lids and mouth of the character.

Character creation - Body
Video (4:44 min) | Download dataset

Character creation - Eye
Video (7:30 min) | Download dataset


Character creation - Eye lids
Video (9:30 min) | Download dataset

Character creation - Mouth
Video (3:04 min) | Download dataset

Setting up facial expression – Using the blend shape deformers

To set up facial expressions for our animation, we are going to create and set up some blend shape deformers for our character.


Facial expression
Video (10:16 min) | Download dataset


Animation – Build up animations and motion paths and keyframing

We are going to look at how we can use a curve to set up a motion path, set the playback time and use keyframes. We also learn how to use blend shape deformers and lock different expressions at different points in our sequence using keyframes.

Set up animation and motion paths
Video (15:16 min) | Download dataset

Keyframe animation
Video (8:14 min) | Download dataset

Using the camera – To create a smooth animation

The ability to use camera and sequence it will create a smooth animation. Use the cameras to shoot different sections of our animation.


How to use camera
Video (11:22 min) | Download dataset

Keyframe the camera
Video (14:01 min) | Download dataset


Sequence the camera
Video (17:16 min)


Visual effects – Add light and material effects

In this session we will learn how to add different light effects and material effects to objects in the scenes to create more authentic scene.

Visual effects – Lights
Video (15:16 min)

Visual effects – Material shading
Video (8:14 min) | Download dataset

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