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3D Architecture - Revit

In this comprehensive online video tutorial you will learn how to use Autodesk Revit software for architectural design with your pupils as they enter the world of BIM.

The full programme meets the requirements of the Autodesk Revit ACU (Autodesk Certified User) Certification through the “School of the Future” project classroom resources (see Curriculum Tab) making your pupils prepared for sitting the Certification exam and helping to promote their skills to potential employers. 

What you will learn

  • Basic use of Autodesk Revit interface and tools;
  • Work with levels, place walls, windows, doors, floors and roofs;
  • Work with grid and place columns;
  • Place stairs, railings and shafts in your Revit model;
  • Annotate your designs, generate schedules and construction document sets;
  • Model, annotate and present a building within Autodesk Revit;
  • Place cameras, render locally and in the cloud.

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Basics – Interface and tools

Our objectives in this video are to understand how to navigate the User Interface and to be able to use the view tools in Autodesk Revit.


Video (4:49 min)


Floor plan – Work with levels, place doors, windows, floors and roofs

In this session we are going to look at how we can work with Levels in an existing Revit project. We will learn how to place walls and examine the different wall types within Revit; then move on to place doors, windows, floors, and roofs. We will also learn more about view tools and keyboard shortcuts.


Floor plan
Video (26:11 min)


How to create grids and add columns

This lesson will show you the functions of grids, how to place and modify grids, as well as how to use the offset tool. We will then learn how to pick and place columns.


Grids & Columns
Video (8:27 min)


Place stairs, railings, and shafts

We are going to look at different stair types and the correct vocabulary used in stair design. We will also learn how to place stairs, railings and shafts into a model in Revit.


Video (7:35 min)


Annotate designs, generate schedule and construction document sets

In this session we will learn how to annotate our models with text, dimensions and tags. We will generate schedules and learn about schedule types within Revit, as well as about construction document sets by setting up sheets in Revit. We will also produce legends and keynotes for our designs.


Video (13:02 min)

Bringing it together – Model, annotate, and present a building within Autodesk Revit and Renderings

In this lesson, a building will be modelled from start to finish in Revit. All aspects of the proceeding skills videos will be re-covered in the video. You should try and follow along with the videos as you produce your own designs. We will also learn how to place cameras in the model and go on to adjust the rendering settings; and then we will render on our local computers and in the cloud using Autodesk 360.

Bringing it together
Video (36:59 min)

Video (6:12 min)

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