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Discover how to seize every opportunity in an evolving industry and do better business through digital transformation. 

Drive success with your digital strategy

Work smarter, faster, and more seamlessly with technology

A fast-changing AEC industry means more “opportunities to innovate, be more productive, and find ways to work smarter, faster, and more seamlessly with technology” says Marek Suchocki, Industry Engagement Strategy Lead at Autodesk.

Hear Marek introduce Autodesk’s new digital maturity assessment tool and interactive digital discovery workshop.

Our mission? Help AEC organisations like yours drive better outcomes with technology.

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Get advice tailored to your digital maturity

How prepared is your organisation to seize the full potential of technology? Find out in this digital maturity self-assessment. We will use your responses to deliver a personalised report with practical advice and valuable next steps to support your digital strategy.

Schedule your digital discovery workshop

After completing your self-assessment, we can build on the results to develop your strategy together in a digital discovery workshop.


Autodesk digital discovery workshops bring together key people from your organization to explore your main challenges, identify priorities, and then work on the best outcomes for your business and digital strategy.