The current revolution in computer automation is empowering your students to design better things, fabricate them in better ways, and make work more meaningful.

What are the key engineering skills your students will need, to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution? See what industry thought-leader Deloitte has to say.

There is an opportunity to develop more and better training models that are industry- and problem- based, and that cultivate a reinforcing and evolving mix of skills, knowledge, and capabilities. — Deloitte Report

The opportunity of doing more, better, with less.

In 2050, the global population of 10 billion will be demanding more of everything: cars, housing, and vast arrays of consumer products.

To meet these demands, the world will need a more highly-skilled workforce than ever before. The new generation of engineers will be entering an environment rife with skill and talent shortfalls due to:

  • The rise of automation and machine learning
  • A retiring generation of older workers
  • Ever-increasing demand

Your students are about to join this workforce, and with the right training from you, they will find it to be a time of breath-taking opportunity.

What skills and knowledge will engineering and manufacturing companies need in the age of automation? Read the Deloitte whitepaper and find out.


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Schedule a guest lecture for your class on the evolution of design and manufacturing

Let an industry expert share with your students manufacturing and engineering trends and innovation. At no cost to you, an Autodesk Certified Instructor will speak to:

  • Which workforce skills are most in demand, today and in the future
  • How students can differentiate themselves from other job applicants
  • What the daily life of someone in D&M looks like

So take a break from lesson planning and stir excitement in your students by exposing them to innovations and trends that are going to impact their future careers.