Innovation and skills for future jobs

Prepare your students for the era of automation

Technology is impacting the manufacturing industry workforce, and schools that focus on new approaches to training and lifelong learning increase the likelihood of students’ future economic security.

Download this report to learn how your students can develop creativity and emotional intelligence skills, which cannot currently be performed by robots or algorithms, to help them succeed in the era of automation.

The pace of technological change has accelerated

Innovative initiatives around training and lifelong learning are emerging to address future of work challenges such as automation and the rise in non-standard, flexible work. In this report, discover some of the most promising innovations in skills, training, and lifelong learning programs that are helping workers to prepare. You will learn:

  • How technology and other forces are impacting workers, and how automation risk varies across countries
  • The most promising innovations–like digital credentials, augmented learning, and online learning–that will help students prepare for the oncoming technological trends
  • Who is most at risk–which industries, countries, and worker demographics


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Schedule a free guest lecture on the evolution of design and manufacturing

Let an industry expert share with your students manufacturing and engineering trends and innovation. At no cost to you, an Autodesk Certified Instructor will speak to:

  • Which workforce skills are most in demand, today and in the future
  • How students can differentiate themselves from other job applicants
  • What the daily life of someone in D&M looks like

So take a break from lesson planning and stir excitement in your students by exposing them to innovations and trends that are going to impact their future careers.