Fusion 360 workshop

Bring the future of Design & Technology to your classroom today with Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk, in collaboration with the Design and Technology Association, are offering fully funded virtual & in person workshops, which will support you to integrate Fusion 360 CAD software into your classroom - FAST.

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Fully funded virtual and in-person workshops, to support your delivery of Design and Technology, inside and outside of the classroom.

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Autodesk have partnered with the Design and Technology Association to help you bring the future of CAD into your classroom with Fusion 360.  Autodesk Learning Partners are offering funded virtual, & in person workshops, that will bring you up to speed on Fusion 360 CAD software – fast. This will allow you to provide your students with a solid grounding in CAD & CAM fundamentals, plus manufacturing and engineering skills. In these workshops, an Autodesk Learning Partner expert will provide:

  • An introduction to Autodesk Fusion 360 and its cloud-based collaboration features
  • How to implement Autodesk Fusion 360 into your classroom environment quickly and easily and enable staff & students to access their work from the comfort of their own home.
  • How your students can bring their ideas to life with Fusion 360 CAM & 3D Printing capabilities
  • How Autodesk Fusion 360 can help you to ensure your students are prepared for the future of work by using the latest in industry leading CAD & CAM software.

The Fusion 360 software, and the workshops, are all provided by Autodesk at no cost to your school, your colleagues, and your students. Finally, when you’ve finished your workshop, you’ll have a dedicated partner to guide you and answer any questions that come up. 


"The workshops will enable schools to deliver cutting edge Design and Technology curriculum in the classroom and ensure that the future of Design, Engineering and Manufacturing in the UK remains at the cutting edge of global practice”

Tony Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, The Design and Technology Association.