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Why you should digitalise the facilities layout process

In the factory world, teams working in silos and using disparate tools leads to clashes, delays and rework. Integrated factory modelling connects, organises and optimises all phases of factory projects by centralising data management and allowing everyone to work from a single source of data–in real time.

Learn how one engineering pro helped companies digitalise their processes to save time and reduce costs with integrated factory modelling.

Why industry leaders use integrated factory modelling

Adapt layouts with agility

When the market drives change, retool and reconfigure the factory even faster to improve time to market.


Streamline collaboration

Coordinate the many complex disciplines involved on factory projects in a common data platform.


Drive business growth

Offer more value to manufacturing clients by extending critical services across the factory lifecycle.


“The value of integrated factory modelling is certainty. Mistakes are costly...We can get [overage cost budget] to almost zero with integrated factory modelling, where the only change orders issued are because a key stakeholder changed their mind, not because a mistake was made or an instruction wasn’t understood properly.”

– Chris Mounts, Director of Laser Scanning and CAD Services, Production Modelling Corporation

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