Less time, money, and rework

Automate and optimise your nesting processes with the Fusion 360 Nesting & Fabrication Extension.

Automation and optimisation, made easy

Unlock advanced nesting and fabrication capabilities to create optimised and associative multi-sheet layouts for sheet metal and non-sheet metal parts in preparation for cutting on CNC machines.

View this short demo to see how the Nesting & Fabrication Extension can help you:

  • Reduce programming time by automating the layout of a design or a set of designs
  • Reduce costs by optimising material yield
  • Minimise rework with the help of integrated and associative nesting

Get the Fusion 360 Nesting & Fabrication Extension now


Access extended nesting and fabrication functionality for multi-sheet layouts, advanced part and material controls, and more.

Requires a Fusion 360 subscription.