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Make Better Products, Sell More and Generate Greater Value.

If you are a UKI design and manufacturing SME looking to accelerate your journey to digital transformation, let us help you with our 5-step approach.

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What is the Future of British Manufacturing initiative?

We offer a hands-on approach to helping UKI SMEs embrace digital technologies that help them make better products, sell more and generate greater value. Our goal is to help you identify and adopt technologies that will improve your performance in the 5 capabilities, critical to success in digital transformation.

Building a Digital Strategy for your Design & Manufacturing Business

In this increasingly digital world, the nature of products, production and work is undeniably changing. As a result, this simultaneously creates new challenges and opportunities that have never existed before. Technology has a critical role to play but without a practical digital strategy how can you ensure success?

The 5 Capabilities of Digital Transformation

The nature of how we design, make and sell products has changed. To turn those challenges into opportunities, manufacturing companies must embrace the following capabilities.
If you want to learn more about the 5 capabilities of our Digital Strategy Template, click the links below to watch on-demand webinars focused on each capability.

Your Digital Journey in 5 Steps

Digitising your design & manufacturing business doesn’t need to be complicated. While everyone’s business and journey will be different, they all involve the following 5 steps. What will your journey look like?

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Digital Transformation Workshops

Our interactive workshops help you build a transformation roadmap for your business based on the 5 capabilities above.

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An Autodesk Discovery Meeting

Digital technologies have the power to transform the products that you make, the ways that you make them and offer them to your customers and even the fundamental nature of your value proposition.  But where do you focus first and how do you ensure you get a good return on your investment?

Watch the video to hear Asif Moghal introducing an Autodesk Discovery Meeting and Barry Leahey MBE, from Playdale, explaining how successful their Discovery Meeting was.

To speak with a representative, we are on: 0203 318 4259

Closing the Skills Gap with a Digital Catalyst

A Digital Catalyst is a young individual who can be placed into your business to bring a fresh perspective to a design or manufacturing challenge you may be facing today. They are handpicked from leading UK universities for their high levels of digital awareness, creativity, design thinking as well as their skills in computer-aided design and manufacturing.

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Ready to fly the flag for British Manufacturing?

If you’d like to speak to one of our team about any of the above or find out more about how we can help.


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