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There’s a tremendous amount of focus being applied to British manufacturing at the moment.

The Industrial Strategy White Paper and the Made Smarter Review both identify the benefits of digitalisation for the manufacturing industry, and offer recommendations to enable the UK to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution. It’s an exciting prospect, which we are committed to supporting.

At Autodesk, we have a great deal of knowledge about the industry, so decided to add our voice to the debate through a manifesto called “Enabling The Art of The Impossible – How Britain can lead the 4th Industrial Revolution”.

Developed in partnership with industry, it’s based on two core principles that we believe makes digitalisation more accessible for the largest segment of the UK manufacturing community, the SME. These core principles, are central to the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative and, if embraced, will drive what we refer to as competitive separation for the UK and enable Britain to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution.

What our Industry Partners have to say:

“Industry 4.0 is rapidly becoming a way of life for designers, engineers and manufacturers. Enabling more SMEs to connect the way they design and manufacture and embrace disruptive technologies is critical if we want the UK to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution and demonstrate competitive advantage. We have been involved in the development of these core principles and recommendations as they will ensure the voice of the SME is truly represented when it comes to policy and a central approach to Industry 4.0. The Future of British Manufacturing Initiative is a joining of minds, with a common goal, succeed by looking ahead and planning to disrupt markets.”
Chris Greenough
Commercial Director.
Salop Design & Engineering Ltd.

“Today, over 50% of components for UK vehicle manufacture are imported, and so Drive Midlands was created to help the automotive supply chain address this. Companies we work with see a major opportunity to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution by building a competitive, robust and agile supply chain in the UK that looks beyond productivity and embraces design and manufacturing as a connected discipline. That’s why we’re delighted to support the manifesto and the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative.”
David Shepherd
Drive Midlands

“Manufacturing is firmly in the national spotlight, finally. A beacon of good news in a pretty gloomy economic backdrop. Made Smarter, the Industrial Strategy and the increasing clamour about the UK’s relatively low productivity levels are all on the national agenda. This debate is all important but does not go far enough and address the issues that are preventing manufacturers, particularly SME’s, from designing and innovating more quickly, bringing their product to market faster and gaining a sustainable competitive advantage, hence the manifesto. The Manifesto is a collaborative document that has pulled on the experience and concern of people and organisations that care passionately about the future of manufacturing in this country. We here at The Manufacturer are proud to have contributed to the Manifesto and believe that every stakeholder with an interest in manufacturing, from government, to academia to manufacturers themselves should take the time to read this important document and act on the recommendations.”
Henry Anson
Managing Director
The Manufacturer

“In the era of concepts such as fully digital manufacturing processes, product-as-a-service and mass customisation, it’s clear that we can no longer afford to treat design and manufacturing as entirely separate entities, they are intrinsically linked and that link will only get stronger over time, driven by customer demand for smarter, more intelligent and longer lasting products. It’s also clear that whilst productivity is important, increasing productivity in isolation won’t yield the products that consumers are beginning to demand.

We’re supporting this manifesto and the FoBMi initiative because we believe that we’re entering a period of immense and exciting change for design and manufacturing and we have to make sure that both the students we teach and the companies they will eventually work for are well-placed to take full advantage.”
Simon Leigh
Warwick University

“British manufactured goods are a byword for quality and innovation across the world. Through this initiative, which seamlessly drives digital creativity through process planning into tangible manufactured goods in a much shorter cycle time, we have the opportunity to leverage our reputation as a manufacturing nation to produce even more goods to sell our customers both at home and across the globe.

Businesses that engage with the concept will see so many positives. These include improved productivity, lower development costs and the ability to innovate in design and production to be the best in the world. That’s why MHA supports the Future of British Manufacturing initiative.”
Chris Coopey
Head of the Manufacturing Group at MHA

National accounting and tax expertise with a global reach.

“Industry 4.0 has brought us to an inflection point in the sector. Whilst still important, productivity alone will not be enough to keep a leadership position. We want to help British Manufacturing develop new offerings and value propositions that take advantage of these new capabilities whilst ensuring that they are sufficiently rewarded for it through higher margins and premium prices.”
Peter Colman
Simon-Kucher & Partners

“The New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering network [“NAAME”] unequivocally supports Autodesk’s Manufacturing Manifesto. NAAME represents one of New Anglia’s biggest employers by sector and is home to a plethora of pioneering organisations who share the view that Britain can lead the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our growing movement and aligned activities seek to accelerate the development of new competencies, skills, leadership and people engagement levels, founded on the deployment of ground-breaking digital principles. The fusion of people and technology means that the future has never looked so exciting.”
Jamie Thums
Chairman, New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering network.

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