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Stephen Hooper / Alexander Grasse
Welcome to IMPRESS3D 2014 / Envision Autodesk's Automotive Strategy

Peder Sundqvist
A Swedish Moment: Creating a virtual reality experience.

Simon Nagel
VRED CGI features: Things you didn't know about CGI production with VRED.

PORSCHE / Christian Braun (Visualization Manager)
Remote Viz: Realtime Global Illumination in 4k Resolution

Oliver Abert
Envision your designs in real time: High Performance Cluster

X-Rite Europe GmbH / Dr. Lamy (CTO)
"The road to reality"
Total appearance capture: Contributions and enablers of the convergence between
virtuality and reality in the case of supply chain virtualization.

Ingolf Rehfeld
Latest Developments in Vehicle Dynamics Visualization with VRED

Fujitsu Systems Europe / Ian Godfrey (Director Solutions Business)
High Performance for Automotive OEMs and CGI Studios

Rotor Studios / Scott Bradley & Amanda Macrae
New Showroom Technology: The Toyota Design and Discover Suite.

Merten Stroetzel
Beyond the Product: VRED based visualization solutions by Autodesk Consulting

Armstrong White / Chuck White (President), David Burton (Visual Effects Supervisor)
VRED Production in the Autodesk Pipeline

Michael Nikelsky / Jakob Baerz
Lights On: Light Simulation with VRED incl. Spectral Rendering

Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte / Martin Emila (VR Manager)
Streamlined visualization process from design to finish

Office Color Science / Masayuki Osumi
Computer Graphics Reproduction: Way of Effect Coatings Applied Gonio-Photometric Spectral Imaging.

Mareike Gercken (UX Designer)
Introducing Design Data Management with Autodesk StudioWall.

Stephen Hooper
Visions of a new reality with VRED.