Integrated factory modelling

Optimise your facilities layout for efficiency and innovation

Unlock the power of integrated collaboration by coordinating factory line layout, production equipment and building systems in one holistic, digital model.

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Integrated factory modelling

Integrated factory modelling is a process combining BIM and digital factory planning to generate a digital representation of a facility and production equipment. Pair 3D CAD with data management, building modelling and reality capture tools to optimise your process along with the factory design itself.

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Benefits of integrated factory modelling for facilities layout

  • Adapt production layout with agility

    When the market drives change, retool and reconfigure the factory even faster to improve time to market.

  • Streamline collaboration across teams

    Coordinate the many complex disciplines involved on factory projects in a common data platform.

  • Drive business growth

    Offer more value to manufacturing clients by extending critical services across the factory lifecycle.

What you can do with integrated factory modelling

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Plan and validate layouts without a hitch

Design factory layouts with familiar 2D workflows, then visualise the facility in a fully integrated 3D environment.

Dynamically make and test changes

Easily explore what-if scenarios before you even start placing equipment to find the optimal layout and process.

Accurately capture the as-is state of the facility

Use laser scan data to measure, markup and run clash detections between point clouds of the existing facility and equipment.

Anticipate issues well before they can ever happen

Avoid unwanted surprises during installation by checking for clashes and space constraints right inside the digital factory model.

Connect key stakeholders during design

Realise the benefits of connected people, processes and data as you manage change orders, bills of material and the supply chain.

Quickly publish mechanical designs

Author configurable equipment assets that can be placed into your factory layout and shared via desktop or the cloud.

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See how industry leaders drive factory innovation


    Pushing for total transformation

    Technica International uses Factory Design Utilities to optimise production lines and equipment layout at customer sites – while cutting design time in half.

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    Saving time and reducing costs

    Nestle redesigned a brownfield site and achieved 75% time savings on issues handling alone with the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

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    Optimising highly complex facilities

    Aerospace and defence manufacturer Safran seamlessly executed greenfield and brownfield projects with BIM.

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Let’s talk strategy

As a global leader in the integration of architecture, engineering, construction, product design and manufacturing processes, Autodesk can help you develop the capabilities needed to achieve your goals.

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