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Integrated factory modeling for facilities layout

Let factory project data flow

More than ever, agility is key in manufacturing. React to change efficiently in a continuously shifting landscape with integrated factory modeling for facilities layout.

Pivot fast and move as a team

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Get products off the line faster

Whether due to demand, regulations, or the supply chain, change in the factory is inevitable. But with integrated factory modeling, it doesn’t have to slow you down. In fact, Porsche just achieved a record project timeline on their most complex production facility yet. Get your factory running quickly, reconfigure it even faster, and repeat.

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Collaborate to innovate

Poor collaboration on factory projects leads to excessive costs, delays, lack of factory floorspace, and an inability to meet demand. Seeking ways to optimize your factory? Start by making it more agile. Nestle increased output and efficiency at several brownfield sites—while reducing pre-startup issues by 60%—with digital factory workflows and a common data environment.

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"If it took us 16 hours before, now it only takes one."

Technica International transformed its processes with digitalized factory planning tools and gained around 1,600% time savings. See how best-in-class companies like Porsche, Technica International, and Blue Projects are adopting integrated factory modeling to elevate their projects.

How industry leaders get results with integrated factory modeling for facilities layout


    Reducing design time by half

    Better collaboration and a unified way to control project information helped Technica International reach efficiency, quality, and reliability.

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  • E.GO

    A better electric car springs from modern factory design in Germany

    With a smart factory and single digital platform, e.Go improved collaboration, time to market, and ultimately improved profitability.


    Transforming a digital factory vision to reality

    By creating a scalable solution with a single, streamlined dataset, Magna Steyr optimized their workflows and improved profitability with a new approach to manufacturing.

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Usher your factory into a new era of digitalization

Integrated factory modeling is a process that combines BIM and digital factory planning to generate a digital representation of a facility and production equipment. Pair 3D CAD with data management, building modeling, and reality capture tools to optimize the factory design process along with the factory design itself.

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