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Please find below the most asked questions


How many entries may I submit?

  • You may submit up to five (5) projects.

Who are the judges for this year’s competition?

  • Please refer to the “Judges” section of the competition site to see the panel of judges.

What are the prizes?

  • The prize is from you partner Lenovo. Please refer to the “Prizes” section of the competition site to see the list of prizes.

When does the competition open?

  • You may begin submitting your project entry on 1 Dec, 2017.

What is the deadline for submitting an entry into the competition site?

  • Entries must be submitted by March 2018.

When will final nominees be announced?

  • Final nominees will be announced April 2018.

Where do I register?

  • You may register on the website here

Submitting a project:

Complete the information on the registration page and click “Submit.”

You will receive an email from Autodesk with a link to download the images from your project.

We will contact you shortly after to confirm your submission to the competition

What information am I required to submit?

  • For each project submission, you must complete the entry form questions five (5), supporting images. Videos are highly encouraged to support your entry but are not required. 
  • A description of the project in pdf will also be needed to provide and uploaded at the link that will be send to you after completing the submission form.

Are there specific requirements for submitting imagery or videos?

  • Five (5) images or photographs must be submitted with each project entry and should follow these guidelines:
  • Provide high resolution, single dynamic images; no collages (a collage is an image that is created from more than 1 image).
  • Use imagery that is relevant to the story’s context. The image can be a rendering, a before or after scene of the final product or project.
  • Avoid text or logos on images.
  • Submitters must have the correct legal rights to use images and videos in this context. Videos are not required but are highly encouraged to support your project entry. No more than five (5) videos may be submitted with each project entry.
  • Videos should be no larger than 600MB. Videos of no more than 5 minutes are recommended. High resolution (looks sharp on screen), 1920x1080, .mp4 videos are preferred.

How do I submit more than one project?

  • If you would like to submit more than one project, you must re-register with new contact information for each project you would like to enter into the competition. The primary contact information for each project must be unique. Once you have registered with new information, follow the steps above to submit your next project.

Whom may I contact with questions or to get help with submitting my project entry?