What would you do with 50% more machining capacity?

When you eliminate manual CNC practices, you increase manufacturing output, improve operational efficiency, and make room for innovation.

What is CNC machining automation?

CNC machining automation enables manufacturers to achieve repeatable processes across CNC machining operations with technology such as CAM/CAD software. Software for CNC machining automation provides manufacturing engineers with offline programming and machine simulation capabilities to ensure parts are ready to manufacture with minimal human intervention.

CNC Machine Automation = Smarter Manufacturing

Executives at manufacturing companies are tasked with overseeing all operations to meet OEE, deadlines, and quality standards. CNC machining automation can help you and your business improve operational efficiency and increased innovation by achieving the following outcomes:

Reduce defects and non-conformities

A leading automotive OEM automated machine setup to make 100% first-off production parts within tolerance, significantly improving their operational efficiency. 

Improve time-to-market

Bright Engineering freed up capacity to meet 50% more demand and reduced programming times by 50%. Lower your production cost today and get your products to market faster.

Increase manufacturing throughput

Overcome non-value add processes to improve operational efficiency and increase your manufacturing throughput by 4,780 hours/year like Trane Technologies. 

Reduce non-value add processes

72% of products fail to hit their profit targets. Let us help you monetize innovation by reducing non-value add processes through CNC machining automation. So you can be one of the 28%.

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