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Free training for Mold Engineers

Predict and prevent warpage

Nothing grinds a project to a halt faster than unexpected warpage. This eBook explains how mold engineers can use simulation software to detect and mitigate the risk of warpage earlier in the design process.

How mold design exploration sets the stage for innovation

his eBook explains how taking the time to question your assumptions — about everything from material properties to microcellular foam to conformal cooling — can deliver huge gains in cycle time and profitability.

Using simulation to optimize mold designs and reduce cycle time

Simulation makes it easy to optimize material grades, wall thickness, gate locations, and coolant temperature — simultaneously — without examining millions of choices. In this guide, you’ll see how to fine-tune geometric variables and process settings using design iteration, parametric optimization, and Design-of-Experiments techniques.

A quick guide to weld lines

Weld lines are the Achilles heel of injection molded plastic parts. In this report, you’ll learn what causes these defects, why they affect part strength and surface quality, and how to manage them more effectively with simulation software.