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How to identify opportunities to improve product performance

This eBook covers three categories of product performance that often define improvements to new or updated products: extending product capabilities, improving product efficiency, and preventing product failures. This eBook also provides techniques for each of these categories that have been developed and used by companies that specialize in innovation. 

The modern engineer's toolkit

Remove the roadblocks to innovation and start producing your best work. More than ever, engineers need tools and systems that maximize efficiency and prevent errors. Time, tools, and insights are all essential for the cultivation of bright ideas.

How to innovate on-demand

In this eBook, learn how to make innovation part of your daily experience with a structured, repeatable process. Get a detailed look at what defines everyday engineering innovation, and a step-by-step approach to making your project a reality

The definitive guide to improve product performance

Today, the pace of innovation is faster than ever. While quality, cost, and speed are still important, true differentiation comes in the form of better performing products. Keeping up might seem like a challenge, but the good news is that there are many approaches to improving performance that can be used systematically to increase value and competitiveness of your products. 

Digital-Era design and modern workflows

With product complexity on the rise and digital transformation reshaping every facet of business, you need modern workflows. Find out how you stack up right now.