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Autodesk FY19 Q4– Global Field Promotion

Terms and conditions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Customers can save up to 10% when subscribing to a 3-year subscription of their favorite Autodesk products—including industry collections, AutoCAD®, Revit®, Inventor® Professional, 3ds Max®, and more.

General information

1. What is the Autodesk Global Field Promotion (GFP)?

Customers can save up to 10% off the SRP off a new 3-year subscription or 3-year subscription that is up for renewal, per standard renewal policies.

Refer to the "Appendix" for a list of eligible products.

Note: Customers are eligible to renew 90 days prior to expiration. Most customers with 3-year renewals expiring in FY20 Q1 will also be eligible for the renewal discount at some time during the promotion. For example, a customer with a 3-year subscription expiring on March 15, 2019 will be eligible to renew on Dec 15, 2018 and therefore receive the discount if they renew prior to the promotion end date.

2. What is the promotional period?

The offer is available from November 7, 2018 through January 25, 2019 (dates inclusive).

2. What countries are eligible to participate?

Offer available in European Economic Area, Switzerland, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and sales regions, Middle East and Africa (MEA), Mediterranean, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Note – The Crimean Peninsula is not eligible. Some products and conditions vary per region.

3. Are the discounts available for maintenance plan renewals, new Maintenance to Subscription (M2S) switches, or existing Maintenance to Subscription renewals?

Yes. Beginning March 27, the 3-year discount applies to new 3-year Maintenance to Subscription switches and Maintenance to Subscription Renewals - including Annual and 2-year Maintenance to Subscription renewals that wish to renew and increase their term to 3-years. Note: Maintenance to Subscription Renewals changing their term to 3-years must be submitted and transacted by Autodesk.

4. Is the discount available on all term lengths?

No. The discount is available on 3-year subscription terms only.

5. Are the discounts available for both single-user and multi-user subscriptions?

Yes. The offers apply to both single-user and multi-user subscriptions.

6. Will Autodesk offer the full discount % if the customer is adding to an existing subscription?

Yes. The promotion offers the full discount percentage and will be pro-rated when the customer adds a new 3-year subscription to an existing 3-year subscription contract.

7. Can the offers be combined with any other offers?

Prior to March 27, 2019, additional promotional or savings offers cannot be combined with the 3-year promotional savings offers. Beginning March 27, promotional or savings offers (subject to the terms of the offers) may be applied to the 3 year new and renewal subscriptions that provide multi-year savings as compared to single year offers.

Autodesk Partner-specific questions

1. Where can the promotional SKUs be found?

The promotional SKUs are available on the current price list. Government customers are eligible to participate by way of Government SKUs where applicable. If Government SKUs do not exist per specific product, the Government customer should purchase commercial promotional SKUs through an authorized reseller.

2. Where can additional sales and marketing information for this promotion be found?

For more information please refer to the following:

3. Where can additional information for switching subscriptions be found?

More information on switching subscriptions can be found here.


Table 1: The following list includes the subscription products eligible for Q4 offer.

Eligible 3-year subscription products New Subs
Nov 7
Nov 7
Coming soon!
Dec 7
New Subs
Dec 7
General Design AutoCAD® including specialized toolsets 10% 10%
AutoCAD® / Autodesk® AutoCAD® for Mac 10%
AutoCAD® Design Suite Premium 10%
AutoCAD® Raster Design 10%
ReCap Pro™ 10% 10%
SketchBook® for Enterprise 10% 10%
AEC Architecture Engineering & Construction Collection 10% 10%
AutoCAD® Architecture 10%
Advance Steel 10% 10%
AutoCAD® Map 3D 10%
AutoCAD® MEP 10%
AutoCAD® Plant 3D 10%
BIM 360® Design CLOUD 10% 10%
BIM 360 Team 10%
BIM 360 Glue/Plan/Docs/Build 10% 10%
Building Design Suite Standard, Premium, or Ultimate 10%
Civil 3D® 10% 10%
Dynamo Studio 10% 10%
Fabrication CADmep/CAMduct/ESTmep 10% 10%
FormIt Pro 10%
Infrastructure Design Suite Standard, Premium, or Ultimate 10%
Infraworks® 10% 10%
Navisworks® Manage 10% 10%
Navisworks® Simulate 10% 10%
PlantDesign Suite Standard, Premium or Ultimate 10%
Point Layout 10% 10%
Revit 10% 10%
Revit LIVE 10%
Robot™ Structural Analysis Pro 10%
Structural Bridge Design 10%
Vehicle Tracking 10%
ANIM Media & Entertainment Collection 10% 10%
3ds Max® 10% 10%
3ds Max® Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 10%
Arnold 10% 10%
Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 10%
Maya® 10% 10%
Maya LT™ 10% 10%
Maya® Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 10%
MotionBuilder® 10% 10%
Mudbox® 10% 10%
MFG Product Design & Manufacturing Collection 10% 10%
Alias AutoStudio/Concept/Design/Speedform/Surface 10% 10%
AutoCAD® Electrical 10%
AutoCAD® Mechanical 10%
CFD Premium/CFD Ultimate/CFD Cloud Services Entitlement 10% 10%
Factory Design Suite Standard, Premium or Ultimate 10%
Fusion 360 Team - CLOUD 10% 10%
Fusion 360 CLOUD 10% 10%
Fusion 360 Lifecycle Products 10% 10%
Inventor® Professional 10% 10%
Moldflow Adviser Premium/Ultimate 10% 10%
Moldflow Insight Standard/Premium/Ultimate 10% 10%
Moldflow - cloud service entitlement 10% 10%
Moldflow Synergy 10% 10%
Product Design Suite Premium or Ultimate 10%
Vault Office/Professional/Workgroup 10% 10%
VRED/VRED Design/Presenter/Professional/Render
10% 10%
LT Family AutoCAD® LT/LT for Mac 10% 10%
AutoCAD® LT with CALS Tools (Japan only) 10% 10%
Inventor LT™ 10% 10%
AutoCAD Inventor LT™ Suite 10% 10%
Revit LT™ 10% 10%
AutoCAD Revit LT™ Suite 10% 10%